A certified executive coach

Anne Rotschi is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and an engineer in the Oil & Gas industry. She uses her extensive international exYour coach Anneperience and 17 years’ corporate experience to coach Oil and Gas Executives. She likes to share news, industry trends and executive coaching insights on her blog.
Anne is left- and right-hemisphere balanced. Therefore, she is result-oriented, analytic and at the same time intuitive and creative. She conducts goals brainstorming and then works on how to reach them. She also likes to give homework in between two coaching sessions to help her clients keep the momentum.

A structured and purposeful approach

Anne is wired like an engineer. Indeed, she is very structured in her approach to coaching. She arrives at allowing clients to talk about what is really meaningful to them in their career and their lives.  Thus, she helps them find their professional and personal purpose and what is needed to serve that purpose quickly.  She is a catalyst for her clients allowing them to move in the direction they choose.

A specialization in the Oil and Gas Industry career management

Anne is passionate about energy and people and is keen to build strong partnerships with professionals who are willing to fulfill in their career and life.  Thus, she likes to make a parallel between the energy industry and people working within it. Her vision is for people to use their internal energy efficiently and towards the right individual path.

Having a passion for people, Anne supports her clients in self-awareness thereby allowing clarity of purpose and goals, removing roadblocks and empowering them towards reaching their full potential.

Anne has a M.S. in Energy and she received her coaching certification in Kuala Lumpur where she lived for almost 6 years. She thrived working within international project teams. Moreover, she was recognized as a Technip Internal Coach and successfully coached engineers and managers within the company.  The program was part of Technip’s Talent Management Program, and was designed to coach high potential employees towards higher achievement.

A focus on career change

She started her own business as an Executive Coach in 2016 in Houston. Since then, she has been the owner of Elevating Coaching.

She is enthusiastic, she embraces cultural diversity. She is an outstanding listener who will lead her clients to reach their goal.

Her challenge in Houston was coaching professionals who had been laid off or who had uncertainties when it came to their career in the Oil & Gas industry.

She moved back to her home land, France in 2018, and she has now a new challenge as a coach : coach kids aged 6 to 13 years old.

She follows ICF Code of Ethics.

She is also a member of Adventures in Wisdom coaches community.