“Anne is an excellent professional executive coach! Anne is very friendly and very approachable, which are important traits to quickly establish a partnership. She uses a combination of amazing active listening skills, emotional intelligence, maturity and brainstorming strategies to get to the heart of the problem. A world traveler, Anne is very resourceful and brings a wealth of experiences and views and values that can become solutions to most challenging circumstances. Always focused on her client’s success, her coaching philosophy is that success is within reach and within each person alone. Anne can help you identify and clarify your path to success and keep you accountable for each step towards reaching your personal and/or professional goals.”

Constantin P. Geologist

” Thanks Anne for your professionalism and this coaching partnership throughout 6 sessions. I needed to see how to rebound professionally, eventually open new doors if possible. I felt encouraged. I really enjoyed the coaching process with you, brainstorming for ideas that I did not think about before. This process helped me as well to gain clarity on my thoughts and feelings. I gain assertiveness when it comes to what I want and what I do not want. I can acknowledge what my strengths and skills are. I also feel stronger, not so much pressured by the time and by our society to find my way. “

Audrey J. Podiatrist In transition