“Anne is an excellent professional executive coach! Anne is very friendly and very approachable, which are important traits to quickly establish a partnership. She uses a combination of amazing active listening skills, emotional intelligence, maturity and brainstorming strategies to get to the heart of the problem. A world traveler, Anne is very resourceful and brings a wealth of experiences and views and values that can become solutions to most challenging circumstances. Always focused on her client’s success, her coaching philosophy is that success is within reach and within each person alone. Anne can help you identify and clarify your path to success and keep you accountable for each step towards reaching your personal and/or professional goals.”

Constantin P. Geologist

“Career transition can be challenging, it is very helpful to have an experienced professional provide guidance through the process. Over the past four months Anne has been instrumental in helping me develop a strategy for making a professional transition. She has challenged me to review past successes/failures, has kept me accountable for making progress and has helped me articulate a plan. Perhaps most importantly, she helped keep me motivated. I left every session with Anne in a more positive frame of mind than when I entered.”

Clay D. Entrepreneur