Showing more humanity in the workplace – 3 lessons learnt after Harvey

Picture representing a business building under water.

The time has stopped in Houston area. It was still the summer slowdown here, kids were about to go back to school when suddenly Hurricane Harvey hit the area.

After a devastating week-end, employers contacted their employees first think in the morning to know if they were safe and in a dry place. They organized help between colleagues and matched helpers with people in need. This crisis reminds us that we are human beings, before being professionals.

How does that feel when your employer check on you ? Maybe that is the very first time that you experience this. There is no reason why this shall not be the norm. When we know that people care for us, that we are supported, then we feel secured and we are more productive, focus and enthusiastic.

Here are the three lessons I learnt from Harvey crisis in the great Houston area. They all apply to the workplace.

1. Help : ask for help, offer help

When was the last time that your manager asked you “ How are you doing ?”, expecting you to elaborate ? Some managers know their team members well and know what personal or professional challenges you are going through. They will help those who need more attention.

If they don’t, then let them know and ask for some help. Women generally do it more naturally than men. They usually do not feel offended when someone is offering them help spontaneously even if they did not request for it. Do you ?

2. Caring

We live in a relationship economy. It is not only what you know which matters, it is who you know. Building your network is crucial, in person or in the social media. So you want to build it with integrity.

If you care for a professional or a customer, and find a way to support that person, then he/she will be more willing to help you in return. Let your counterparts know how much you really care for them. Caring will naturally bring a strong network. That network will provide you with all the help that you need for yourself or for a peer (refer to point 1.).

3. Do not take anyone for granted

When some of my clients were laid off, they received positive messages from their ex-colleagues and recommendations on LinkedIn. Why cannot they get positive feedback along the way ?

It is unproductive and sad to tell people that they were great once they leave. And we never know when someone will be laid off or will initiate a transition.
Let’s remind each other in the work place how much we appreciate to work with each other, how much we learn and grow together, now !

If you are unsure how to show more humanity in the workplace and be more efficient, get in touch with me.

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