Is it time for a change of career in the energy market ?

Drawing showing a stickman reflecting on a career change.

Many of my clients have been working in the Corporate world, in the Energy industry in particular for many years like myself. This sector is fascinating : employees are often passionate, dedicated and well paid. However, the past years have been challenging. More competition has led to downsizing, merging, also increasing work load and stress for individuals, like it is the norm in other sectors… It is hard to decide if you still want to be part of this game : how tenacious are you ? Are you wondering who is next to be let go ?

Here are the top 3 questions to ask yourself before considering a career transition.

1. What makes you unique ?

You have a unique experience as a person and a professional. Recognize it. What makes you different from the competition ? Are your skills and strengths transferable of other types of jobs, to other industries ? Be open. It can free your mind from anxiety and increase your confidence level in the future. There will always be opportunities for you, in your industry or elsewhere. Even if you are laid off, you know what you bring to the table and you will rebound! Check out our 8 tips on how to rebound after a layoff to get insights on this matter

2. Where is your own energy level ?

I like to make the parallel between the Energy industry where most of clients are coming from and their own energy level. Where are you spending your own energy professionally ? How energized are you on a Monday morning, starting another week at work ?

For instance, a little bit of stress will boost me to achieve a goal, finish a project. After a certain level, this is getting overwhelming and I am not at my best. And I cannot afford not to be at my best when my mission is to empower professionals to be at their best.

Know when a situation is boosting your energy level or, on the contrary, draining it. Know your limits and act accordingly. See our three advices to professionals confronted to a high intensity working place.

3. What do you gain/loose in remaining in your current job or industry ?

Writing down in a 2 x 2 table the pros and cons of staying where you are versus initiating a transition to another role or organization will help you gain clarity. There is no rush : take the time to think and to reflect before taking the decision. You deserve to be the professional you want to be, at a pace that you decide.

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