3 steps to respect your basic needs and thrive professionally

Picture representing a pyramid of Maslow adapted to executive coaching.

You might have compromised with one of your basic need in order to stay in a company, in a job or accept a promotion. Basic needs can be sorted with the help of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The idea is that is it hard to be at your best when you are hungry or feel unsafe for instance.

It is necessary to be outside of one’s comfort zone to learn and progress. However, if your basic needs are not met, you will pay the price in the long run.

Here are 3 steps to respect yours basic needs and thrive professionally.

1. Define your basic needs

You can relate to the fourth energy by Carl Jung, which are the basis for various personality assessment to figure out what your basic needs are. Here are some ideas below :

Introversion/extroversion:  You recharge your battery by being alone or surrounded with others

Decision making: You like to make decision by yourself, on the spot or you need more time to process data and get advice before making decisions.

Initiate / run an existing system: You particularly enjoy using your creativity or on the contrary you like a routine in your job.

2. Know your limits

Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Knowing what basic need(s) is(are) not met, how long can you stand such a situation ? You need to know your limit. Say no when you are overloaded, look for another position or on the contrary refuse a promotion that is not fulfilling. If not, you might encounter burn-out or bore-out. What do you win/loose in each situation ?

3. First easy step to respect yourself more from now on

The first thing is to verbalize your needs to the right person in your organization. Your manager shall be aware of your basics needs and be willing to leverage your skills and capabilities.  If not, that might be worth having a conversation sometime soon!

The second thing is to change one small thing in your daily routine to feed one of your need. After a while, you can change a second thing and so on.

You deserve to be taken care of, and by yourself in the first place. I can help you uncover your basic needs and take care of them. Let’s get in touch.

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