6 steps to move towards your goals

In a previous article, I shared the parable of the fisherman. He freed himself by accepting his situation. That is easier to say than to do, right ?

Here are 6 steps to help you move forward.

1/ Acceptance : recognize that you are stuck

You might be stuck professionally, feeling that you have reached a plateau. Or you might be stuck emotionally after suffering a loss. It has nothing to do with your person, with your capabilities. Anyone can be stuck at one point: recognize it when this happens. You have the resources to move forward. It is just a matter of perspective, as I already demonstrated in this post: Professional transition, victim or victor ?

2/ Reflection : lesson learnt from past experiences

Have you been stuck in the past ? If the answer is yes, do you recall how you managed to move forward ? You can relate to it and see a way forward for this time. If not, you might have heard, read or watched a story of someone stuck and shared how he/she got unstuck. That’s what I call a coaching story! It will inspire you and help you rebound.

3/ Visualization : see a bright future

Similarly to an athlete who visualizes him/herself winning a race by anticipation, see yourself as the winner of your game of life. What would it be like to free yourself from this situation ? How do you portrait yourself once you have decided to move forward new goals ?

4/ Action : first easy step

What would be a first and easy step for you to get closer to where you want to be ? Start small, start simple. There is something you can start doing, or do differently or, on the contrary, stop doing something that does not serve you right now. Focus on what is within your control rather than circumstances.

5/ Verbalize : speak up

Maybe you did not have the opportunity or the idea to share what’s going on for you with somebody. Verbalize the challenge that you are facing will help you gain clarity and put things into perspective. Open up to someone can also be your first step in this process to get unstuck.

6/ Support : who are they ?

Identify who your supports are. There might be people who noticed before yourself that you were stuck and offered help. Be supported, encouraged in this process. Take care of yourself as much as you care for others. There are times where you help others carry their heavy backpack. This time, that might be a good idea to allow others carry yours for a change.

If you want to get unstuck now, have a coach to walk you through this process, contact Anne Rotschi.

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