Feeling betrayed after a lay off ? 4 steps to let it go and move forward

Picture showing a sad stickman after its layoff.

You have been working hard the past years. Also, you did overtime, sacrificing your week-end and evening spent with your family and friends for work. You put all your energy in completing your project in a particularly stressful environment. And in the end, you were let go. It feels unfair, you might feel angry, sad, disappointed. Betrayed is the first word that comes to mind.

Here are 4 steps to let it go and move forward.

Step 1. Recognize your efforts

Acknowledge that you have been committed, that you have been a team player, a leader,… Recognize what you have accomplished. This can be testified by people who have been working with you : ask them testimonials. Stay connected to your network, to people who have appreciated working with you.

Step 2. Refocus your priorities

A professional transition can be stressful as well and draining. You are in a state of crisis. Don’t waste it. Make the most of it by learning lessons from this terminated experience. This will help you get ready for your next move and answer the following important questions : how do you want your work/life balance be like in the future ? How do you want to commit to a company next time ? What are your priorities, your limits, your personal and professional goals ?

Step 3. Accept and let it go

Most people need between six months to a year to rebound after a lay off, whatever the reason were. It is the time to accept what is, to learn from this past experience, to recharge the battery and move forward. The sooner you accept what is, the sooner you will be able to move forward. Read on this topic the parable of the fisherman to get to know more on this topic.

Step 4. Be your own leader

Focus on what is in your control : your career path. Decide what you want for yourself as a professional. The rest will follow. I invite you to refer to my past article and follow the 4 steps to become intentional in your career. You can do it !

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