4 steps to design your dream career path

Drawing representing a stickman dreaming of a new career.

When working in the Corporate, in the Oil&Gas industry more particularly, you tend to jump from a job to another, from a project to another. You take opportunity as they arise.

Are you drifting through your professional career?

Everything is going well until the moment there is no new mission for you within the organization. Here you are in transition…

Transition. This word might scare you, particularly if you have never experienced it before. Well, it is actually an opportunity to step back and think of what you really want as a professional.

Do you want to rely on circumstances and hierarchy to make the next move ? Are you willing to climb the Corporate ladder with no other intention that climbing the higher you can ? if the answer is no, here are some advices.

Let’s design your dream career path.

Step 1. Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve as a professional

Visualize yourself at the end of your career. What does it look like ? How does it feel ? Are you the expert in your field ? Are you the CEO ? Do not limit yourself at this point by looking at what is feasible. Say what you want to achieve out loud, write it down and check our 6 tips to finally move towards your goal. Set your mind for success, like an athlete visualize yourself winning the race.

Step 2.  Define actionable steps to reach your goal

What needs to happen for you to reach your professional goal(s) ? Which new skill do you need to learn ? What experiences are required ? Who do you need to connect with ? Find out what positions will serve your goal along your career path. Each position will be a step. You might look for a mentor to guide you, inspire you moving forward in the direction you choose. You also need to know who your supports are, in the workplace and among your relationships. They will hold you accountable for your progress and encourage you.

Step 3. Enjoy a meaningful job, work with purpose

Isn’t it exciting to wake each morning, going to work knowing that you will grow towards your desired goal ? Each day will get you closer to what you really want as a professional. There will be ups and downs along the way. Keeping in mind your vision will help you go through the challenges.

Step 4. Sense of accomplishment

If you let the current decide of your destination, you might be satisfied with the outcome or not. Whereas if you are intentional, you know that you have hit targets after targets. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. Celebrate after each step you took. Share your successes with your supports.

If you need further guidance to design your dream career path, get in touch with Anne.

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