Career management, feeling like engaged in a pinball machine game ?

Drawing of a pinball machine game to illustrate employee’s feeling about its career.

In the pinball machine, there is a ball.

And at the command of the machine, there is a player.

What does it look like for you ? Do you visualize it ?

Are you the ball or the player?

The question is for you to know where you see yourself most when making decision for your career : the player or the ball.

There is no right or wrong answer. Each role has its advantages and drawbacks. The purpose is for you to reflect and gain awareness on how you handle your career choices, and what you want to do next.

The ball

It goes where the player tries to send it. If you are identifying yourself with the ball for most of your career choices, you have little control over your direction. Your main resource is your gravity ! You eventually rely on others to decide where, when you shall go and do. You tend to take opportunities as it arises, with no longer term planning.

Taking advantage of an opportunity is a good idea, and this way you keep doors open. You get to explore jobs that you would have never thought off. It sounds like you are having several lives in one.

The risk is that it might send you far away from your dreams, from what you really want to achieve in your life in general and in your career in particular.

The player

He/she has a certain control over the game. If you are identifying yourself with the player for most of your career choices, you are focus, you anticipate and you need endurance !

Are you enjoying as a single player ? Do you get the score you want ?

At one point, you might want to increase your score or get a more consistent result. You will need to change the way you play in order to get a different result. You might need the feedback in the process from someone who listens to you without judging. It takes courage to be the lead of your own career. Having your shorter and longer term goals in mind will help you make the right move.

To gain clarity on where you are in your career patch and what is your new action step, start a free executive coaching discovery session.

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