Top 8 tips on how to rebound after a layoff

Picture showing a sad unemployed stickman and one who’s bouncing around after a lay off.

#1 Recognize that it is a number game

You are not targeted personally and there is no conspiracy : this is a head count optimization by your ex organization. It is not related to your performance nor to your person.

In my last position as an engineer, HR met each department of the organization I was working for. They gave the same speech to each department : many of us would be laid off in the coming weeks. Some employees would not be able to log on to their computer one morning : they would get a letter from HR and would be asked to leave the office by the end of the day. The selection was based on a head count per department…

#2 You are not alone

There are people out there who can help you and there are many people in your situation. Do not get isolated and depressed in front of a computer at home.

Why not join networking groups of job seekers to get support, share your experiences and help each other rebound ?

The one I know and that I recommend in Houston is Job Search 101. They provide free workshops conducted by professional career coaches, and they facilitate networking meetings.

#3 Financial concerns : get help from professionals

You might be worried about your income for the coming months and your financial situation. This shall not drive you crazy when you are in transition. Get help from professionals (financial advisers, mortgage professionals…). The preliminary discussion and diagnosis shall be free of charge and you have the right to ask for a second advice.

#4 Keep connected / Reconnect with people

Take advantage of your redundancy to get in touch with professionals who liked working with you. Ask them to write a testimonial for you or ask them to be a reference of yours. This will be good for your positivity and will help you go through your professional transition.

Similarly, if you have been in transition for a couple of months, then consider to reconnect with people who could help you. Have a coffee, invite them to join you at a networking event. Do not be shy to reconnect on LinkedIn for instance and ask them to endorse you for your skills or write a testimonial for you.

#5 Take the time

There might be things that you have delayed for months: meeting with family / friends, spending more time with your kids, fixing your home / car, do photo albums, work out, etc.

It is rare in a career to have a couple of months off. Was there a moment when you thought : “I wish I had the time to…”

Then, do it now ! It will keep you busy, get a sense of accomplishment and reduce your stress level when it comes to the future.

#6 Set your end career goal

Have a clear vision of what you would like to have accomplished as a professional.

You might have been working for many years, jumping from a position to another one, as the opportunity emerged, with no real plan.  On this topic, check out the following post : Career choices, feeling like engaged in a pinball machine game ?

You have the time to think and prepare for your future. Have a direction, a dream in mind : think big !
The more people will roll their eyes when you share with them your dream, the closer you are to the right track !

I like to ask the following to my clients : What accomplishment would you be proud of telling your kids about your professional career ?

#7 Competency assessment and personality assessment

Have you ever done a competency assessment yet or a personality assessment (MBTI, DISC, ICS…) ? If not, that might be a good investment of your time and money.

Step back, analyze your strengths, your area for improvement, gain clarity on what energizes you a work before taking the next step.

#8 Hire an executive coach

Executive coaching offers multiple benefits. Indeed, a coach will empower you to reach your desired goal. You will be encouraged, energized, challenged, supported and you will move forward faster and more efficiently.

This time and money investment in you, will avoid you to go out there desperate to find a job. You will be focus, motivated and proactive. Your coach will also hold you accountable for moving forward.

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