Professional transition : victim or victor ?

Transition is part of a professional life : new position, different company, different location, new business…

How to deal effectively with a professional transition?

We sometimes initiate a career change and we are other times forced to make a change.

It is not necessarily easier to make a change happen by oneself. It takes courage and strong will to leave one’s comfort zone and take the full accountability of a professional transition. Even though we are not the initiator of the situation, this might in the end be a great opportunity to move forwards

My very first feeling when I was laid off two years ago, was anger. I was so angry at my company which “took away my project from me”. Moreover, I was overlooking the fact that I had prepared for a change in 2013 by initiating a coaching certification. Finally, I was then putting myself in the position of a victim.

How did I get from being a victim to being a victor?

The moment I got my termination letter, I opened up to my colleagues and friends about my feelings. By listening to me with empathy, without judgment, they helped me switch my perspective. Through those discussions, I gained clarity on my present situation. Then I foresaw how I could make the most of the free time in front of me.

It is only after I fully accepted the situation and took action that I got into the position of a victor.

My immediate action plan was to spend time with my daughter and to prepare our move to USA. My following action was to complete my transition from engineering to coaching.

What is your mindset about the transition that you are facing now ? Do you have a plan ? Do you have the support that you need ?

I help professionals restore and rebound after they were laid off.  Also I support those who are willing to transition. Indeed they gain self-confidence, self-awareness to move forward in a direction that they choose.

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