How to get unstuck ?

Picture illustrating the fisherman parable

The parable of the fisherman…

A Bajau fisherman, in Indonesia, was diving with an air compressor. He knew it was a risky practice. However he would earn more money to support his family.

One day, he wanted to catch a big fish which was getting inside a cavity.

What happened is that he got literally stuck at the entrance of the cavity. His buddy tried hard to pull him  off, with no effects. The diver knew that he had two remaining hours to live, based on his air consumption.

He fought hard with the rock to get unstuck, he felt rage against himself and he even cried under water. Getting no result, he ended up calming down, accepting his fatal situation.

The moment he accepted, his muscles relaxed, and his body got finally freed from the cavity !

Since then, he went back to fish the traditional way and appreciated his second chance in life.

… and the benefits of acceptance in professional life.

When I watched this news, I was uncertain about my professional future within my company. And that ultimate experience of acceptance which leads to survival and life had triggered my mind. That was a coaching moment !

A few months later, I finally got laid off, like so many off my colleagues. And I did this journey of ending up accepting the situation. There was no other way for me. No blame, no guilt, no excuses anymore. There was no other way for me. No blame, no guilt, no excuses anymore. I had freed my mind and was able to move forward through 6 steps, I presented in another blog post.

Are you feeling stuck right now ? What have you done so far to get unstuck ?

Where are you in the process of accepting the situation ?

A coach can help you get unstuck, find your own solutions and eventually accept your situation faster and move forward in a direction that you choose. Get in touch to discover how I can help !

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